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Unpacking Service

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Unpacking Service

"We'll put it back where it belongs"

You've just moved in and you're teetering on a nervous breakdown. Your movers just left. You look around and there are mountains of boxes everywhere! Oh, No! You don't know where anything is. Your child is screaming for apple juice! Where are the cups?! Oh, No!

You have to be at work tomorrow...where are your clothes? Oh, No! It's the night after your move and you just want to go to bed. "Where the heck are my pillows...not to mention my bed!" You have bad breath, just give up on where your toothbrush is. And that dinner party this weekend - you can forget about it because your china is burried under more paper than you've ever seen in your life. What do you do?

Turn to the bottle? Sedatives? Sure, that would work, but that doesn't solve your unpacking problem. It's quicker / easier / healthier to hire the unpacking experts of Benezra Boxes to bring sanity back in to your life. Stop the madness - call today and end your pain (and we even bring you coffee).

Oh, No! Did you just drop that $1,000 vase? AFLACK!

"We'll put it back where it belongs"


Benezra Boxes offers professional unpacking services, using our experienced workers. When we unpack you, we take all the boxes and paper with us for recycling or reuse. One less headache for you, one more tree left standing. When we leave, you're all moved in!

Labor rate is $40/hour/person ($45/hour/person during peak periods) yard-to-yard.

Benezra Boxes is one stop shopping!  All you have to do is call.
Call or E-Mail us today!! "We'll put it back where it belongs"