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Packing Service


Benezra Boxes offers professional packing services, using experienced packers, with the understanding that drive time (from our yard in Melrose, MA) is charged at the same rate as packing ($40/hour/person - $45/hour/person during peak periods).  Materials used are charged at the rates listed on the products page.
How does this service benefit you?
Packing can be an overwhelming process.  Especially if you've lived at a residence for several years.  Whereby a professional packer has no emotional attachment to what's being packed, the flow is not interrupted by reminiscing over keepsakes and thus the pack is completed quicker.
Knowing how to pack fragiles correctly and methodically guarantees greater safety and speed in the packing process.  The professional packer knows how to label your boxes allowing you to easily identify the contents while directing the movers to the appropriate rooms in which to place the boxes. The whole process goes quicker. 
Additionally, the opportunity cost of purchasing and packing many boxes by yourself, in many cases, is far greater than the expense of hiring a professional packer to complete the job.  With Benezra Boxes packing your belongings there is no risk of deprivation or surplus of boxes delivered prior to the move.  We come with a large supply and charge only for the boxes and supplies used.  Actually, many of our clients opt to complete other chores to expedite their move while we pack for them.   This saves them money in the long run.
Keep your upholstery clean
To avoid soiling the fabrics on your couches and over-sized chairs, Benezra Boxes is happy to stretch-wrap plastic around these pieces.  Many moving companies won't take the trouble, or don't have skilled labor, to do this for you.   Of those companies that will wrap your furniture, their labor rates tend to be much higher to do this.  This is another way that Benezra Boxes will make your move go smoother and cheaper!  The charge for stretch-wrapping your furniture is $5.00 per couch and $3.00 per chair, which covers material use. The time involved, which is minimal, is charged at the normal labor rate.
What's also nice about hiring Benezra Boxes to pack your home is that (typically) in the span of one day, the packer(s) will make you 100% ready for your move.  This will make your move day quicker and ultimately, less costly. 
Benezra Boxes is one stop shopping!  The market comes directly to you.  All you have to do is call.
Having Benezra Boxes pack your house creates:
-Less stress on you
-Less cost on moving day
-Greater safety for your possessions
-More time for you to do other things, thus limiting your opportunity cost
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On site estimates are free of charge and without obligation.  The decision lies with you!