"A box is a terrible
thing to waste"

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The fastest, reliable, and inexpensive way to get used and
new moving boxes to your door!

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Fragiles are our specialty!

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My name is Adam Benezra. 
I was a professional mover for Boston's top-rated moving company for nearly five years.  Both the cost and waste of moving boxes seems crazy to me; however, they are necessary!  A properly packed house saves you money and headaches. And in an age of recycling, used moving boxes makes sense both financially and environmentally.


Why buy used professional moving boxes?
Professional moving boxes save you money because they are easier for professional movers to carry and stack in their trucks. This saves time, and movers charge by the hour! And with used boxes, we help to save the environment as well.


Why do we sell new boxes?
Benezra Boxes has decided to sell new boxes because we just couldn't keep supply up with the increased demand for used boxes.  In return, we hope that you will allow us to pick-up your moving boxes after you have unpacked them (there is no obligation to do this).  This will allow us to increase our usedsupply, thus keeping waste to a minimum and costs as low as possible for all our clientele!  Please check our Packing Products page for cost, size, and specific use information.

Packing Services

Overwhelmed by packing?   Is your opportunity cost too high?   Then why do it!?
Let Benezra Boxes do it for you. Check our packing services page for details and get back on the road to sanity

"It is now 7-8 years since you packed up our home on Chandler Street in Boston. We have just now finished unpacking the last boxes of fine china, chrystal, and sterling flatware in our homes in New York and Miami. Not a piece broke. Not a piece chipped. Not a piece was missing.

We should like to thank you for your kindness, your talent and your commitment to quality. We should be happy to offer you any testimonial that you would like."

I am, sincerely yours, Gary S. O.

Box Services

Moving? Need Boxes?
Consider professional new or used moving boxes delivered free of charge by Benezra Boxes, for orders over $50. We deliver primarily to communities north of Boston. Check our products page for a listing of current inventory and pricing. All orders under $50 are subject to a $10 delivery fee.

Just moved and wondering what to do with all those boxes?
Would you like them removed and recycled? Benezra Boxes offers free pick up, to communities north of Boston of your used, good quality professional moving boxes
(needs to be more than 40 boxes for us to pick-up).

Please note the following:

*$50 minimum order for free delivery.
*Unfortunately, fuel and labor costs necessitate that orders
under $50 be subject to a $10.00 delivery charge
*Pickup of any unused boxes for refund prior to your move will cost $50
*All orders are subject to a $20 minimum.


Please welcome our newest employee, Woofy. He will be heading our customer service department. I think you’ll find he’s a great listener, never argues with the customer, and his bark is worse than his bite…really…his bite hardly hurts at all, it’s more of a “gumming sensation.” Ladies out there...he’s also single! He likes the outdoors, long walks on the beach(with or without you), and liver treats. He’s a little gassy but no one’s perfect.



We start them young, train ’em fast, and pass the savings on to you.


Rugby sharing a cup of all important java with owner, Adam Benezra. "Although small and hairy, I really think Rugby, our former employee, would have wowed you with his winning attitude, had you purchased from us earlier...." Unfortunately, it took Adam two years to realize that Rugby was a dog...we had to demote him to navigator for insurance reasons only.
We're overjoyed to be promoting Matthew to Senior V.P. of Stamping and Stickering. Always a key asset to our marketing department, Matty has proven himself as one of our top employees time and time again. His father just happens to be the fragiles packing legend, "The Specialist."
Must be in their genes...



"Adam, you did a good job"

"Mike, you did a better job!"
Signed- Steve & Susan O'Brien